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You can play the or foreign websites online, and it is a good idea to choose a page that gives good odds and that of course is approved by the relevant authorities. You do not necessarily have to be football expert if only you have control over which games it pays to play!

Online gambling bill to increase sports betting companies early next month the French Parliament is scheduled to vote on an online gambling bill would open the internet gambling market in the country, especially for sports betting and online poker operators.

Welcome news for struggling publicly listed companies in the UK and other EON countries, as the current  monopoly on gambling services, as Grouped Fran├žoise des Jesus and pair mutual Urbana's the online gambling establishments that prevented trading stocks on the public markets to offer sports betting , poker casino games to citizens or their. BOOM.

If passed, allows sports betting and poker commitments, foreign online gambling companies, which must undergo an application and process, even though online casinos and other gambling remains illegal.

This online gambling bill is certainly good news for EON licensed operators such as Holdings. Sports Betting companies currently trade stock holding licenses from EON countries such as the UK have kept away from and, to avoid legal problems, but the bill would finally allow them to exploit this new market.

But online gaming and sports betting sites operate offshore is hardly impressed. Run by private operators on offshore islands around the world, thousands of online gambling companies already offer services to French citizens, in spite of the legal situation.

It is estimated opening over 75% of bets placed online in France is done at the exact offshore companies, which is one reason why foreign gambling competition in up so little. Missed the gambling offshore companies are Internet revenues from taxes placed close to the billion by some estimates, and even the most conservative who is in the hundreds of millions of euros. In the original proposal, the tax is levied on online sports betting, set at 7.5%, while poker profits would have been taxed at 2%, but in its present form leaves the bill final tax levy percentage in the hands of Parliament.